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LED Dog Nail Trimmer

LED Dog Nail Trimmer

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1、High quality grinding head, considerate design, wide application, more options for grinding armour.

2、Care of the cat's glass heart, low vibration and low noise, cats more acceptable.

3、Using more secure, intelligent IC chip real-time control charging and discharging process, charging protection.

4、Vase aesthetic design, and appearance level performance in a suit.

5、ABS environmental protection material, environmental protection without peculiar smell.

6、Indicator light shows, at a glance, novice can easily grasp.


Shell material: ABS environmental protection material

Type of grinding wheel: changeable grinding wheel

Model: M1

Charging time: 1.5 hours

Charging method: USB charging

Power: 2W

Voltage: 5V

Suitable for pets: dogs and cats

Package Included:

Grinding machine *1

USB charging cable *1

Manual *1

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