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Adjustable Dog Harness For Back Legs

Adjustable Dog Harness For Back Legs

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Help your dog to stand up, walk outside for quick bathroom breaks, up and down the stairs, and help a pet in or out of vehicles.

1.Designed for the old and weak dogs, helping the dog to stand.

2.The contact fabric with the dog is a sandwich mesh cloth, which is light and breathable, and has a rebound function to give the dog cushion protection;

3.Can support dogs walking, climbing stairs, getting on the bus, etc.

4.Hip buckle + hand-held Japanese buckle adjustment. The hand-held position can be adjusted according to the optimal walking height of the person and the dog.

5.Cotton PU between the handles, feels good. In the process of walking the dog for a long time, do not let the hand, give the hand blessing.



Product: Pet Support Sling 

Color: Blue

 Material: Sandwich Mesh & PU

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